Why elecric cars are good

Some advantages of electric cars – why electric cars are good!

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Electric cars offer so many benefits over conventional, fuel-powered vehicles. Firstly, they are friendly to the environment, cheap to run, and easy to maintain.
Besides, as the cost of petrol and diesel continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for motorists to fuel up. Nevertheless, this is not the case for electric car owners. With EVs, you only need to charge your car like any other electrical device.
What’s more amazing is that you can charge your car conveniently at home or the office. Considering all these, it is just a matter of time before electric vehicles take over the roads again!
Here are some more advantages of electric cars:

Lower operational costs

Electric vehicles are much cheaper to operate compared to petroleum-powered cars. On the face of it, a pure electric car uses only a third as much energy per mile as buying petroleum for a similar vehicle.
Hybrid electric vehicles are similarly cheaper to run than regular cars despite the fact that they combine an electric motor with a petrol engine. However, it would be advisable to go for a pure EV if you are to enjoy the full scale of lower operational costs.
To check how much you can save with your EV, you may use any of the fuel cost savings calculators available online.

Cheaper to maintain

Besides the low operational costs, EVs are easier and cheaper to maintain. The maintenance costs are much lower, considering that electric cars have fewer movable parts that require servicing. Essentially, electric vehicle owners do not have to worry about fuel injection systems, exhausts, starter motors, radiators, and gears.
Apparently, the only component that you might need to change is the battery, after every 8 to 10 years. Then again, this depends on how you care for your batteries. After all, some car manufacturers warrant EV batteries for more than 10 years, meaning that you can contact your dealer for a replacement in case your warranty is valid.

Better for the environment

On a global scale, electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, significantly. The fact that they do not have exhaust systems or tailpipes translates to zero carbon emissions. This can help curb pollution and improve air quality, particularly in urban areas. On the same breath, better air quality means less health problems.
As if that is not enough, some car manufacturers are now using eco-friendly, recycled materials for their electric version. This is a step in the right direction as far as conserving the environment is concerned.

Safety improvements

Car manufacturers have always been looking for ways to improve vehicle safety, to help minimize the loss of life and property in case of an accident.
Some of the safety features found in a conventional car include airbags, anti-lock braking systems, shatter-resistant glasses, and seatbelts, among others. However, these features do not guarantee the safety of motorists and passengers in a vehicle.
The good news is that electric vehicles come with safety improvements that can help lower risks. They tend to have a lower center of gravity, subsequently reducing the risk of rolling over. Moreover, electric cars are fire-resistant and waterproof, considering that they require electricity for recharges.

Promotes sustainable energy

Notably, electric cars are easy to power using local energy sources. In essence, a nation that has embraced EVs does not have to rely on petroleum imports and foreign oil. This encourages the use of renewable energy such as solar and hydro to charge these vehicles.
On the long term, using domestic sources of electricity promotes energy sustainability. Going local also creates employment opportunities for professionals in the energy sector. This goes a long way to boost the economy, as the country becomes less dependent on foreign workers and imported labor.

Tax rebates and exemptions

The relevant authorities are well aware of the benefits of electric cars to the environment and the economy. With that said, it is not surprising that these institutions are actively promoting the use of EVs over regular vehicles, by offering tax rebates and incentives.
Aspiring car owners stand to gain in terms of discounts and grants when buying an electric vehicle. You may also be eligible for stamp duty exemptions in case you are importing an electric car.
Moreover, EV owners and commercial enterprises also enjoy partial waivers and grants to help towards the cost of constructing electric vehicle charging points at home, at the workplace and other business centers.

High torque and quick transmission

In terms of performance, electric vehicles are highly efficient and reliable. They boast of higher levels of torque for an exhilarating driving experience. Moreover, the acceleration of these cars is smooth and almost instant. Besides, you do not have to change gears, given that the transmission is quick and automatic.
The best part is that the EVs are relatively comfortable to drive in, as they barely produce any vibrations when driving.
Apart from their superior performance, electric cars are extremely quiet. You do not have to worry about noise when driving. This comes in handy, especially when carrying elderly or sickly passengers.

Convenient home charging

Another benefit worth mentioning revolves around convenience. With electric cars, you do not have to drive around town searching for a gas station. You can charge your car conveniently at home or the office. You simply have to plug in your vehicle into a standard outlet and let the car charge overnight.
What is more amazing is that home charging kits are readily available and affordable. Furthermore, setting up one at your residence does not require the input of an expert.


It is more or less impossible to quantify all the benefits electric vehicles have to offer over regular cars. The differences between these two vehicle types are almost incomparable. The only hindrance is that electric cars are somehow pricey, and you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy one up front. However, the high upfront cost should not be a big issue considering that EVs are cheaper to run and maintain. This translates to significant savings in the long term.

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